Author Topic: Control and Collaboration 1.2 Release and Available in iBooks Store  (Read 1363 times)

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Added 5 more pages.  This section details how to interact directly with the Profile Manager database and perform queries to get data.

I've upgraded 9 production servers (various customers) since the release of 10.9.5 and Server 3.2.1.  So far, no issues.  Follow my advice from Foundation Servers.  Know your server and be prepared for trouble.  Luckily, I've had none.

I've slowed down because of the Shellshock exploit.  I never realized how many 10.5.x servers we are still supporting...  Dang, I needed to even compile for PPC.  This has given us new work.

I am neck deep in Yosemite at this point.  With the GM seed posted it is time to start screen grabs.