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Feedback on DNS section of book
« on: December 29, 2015, 11:43:44 AM »
On page 80 there is the statement

"If the Forwarding Servers' setting does not contain an external DNS server, your server will not be able to resolve names outside of your LAN."

Strictly speaking this is obviously not correct — BIND, the DNS server in OS X Server, can do name resolution by directly querying (recursively) responsible name servers on the Internet. Of course this will not be as fast as going through a (close) public name server which will have records for almost all major domains cached, but I think for completeness and accuracy it is better to explain the complete DNS setup and then specify — as a best practices suggestion — to use a forwarding server.

It would also be good to explain DNS split horizon as that is something — by virtue of having an internal (LAN) DNS server answering Internet legal domain names with non-legal (private) IP addresses — all OS Server admins will be setting up. Which is obviously a good thing so as clients go out and in of the LAN, resources like mail servers, which were (should) defined using hosts names, not IP addresses, will be seamlessly available.