Author Topic: Feedback on DHCP section of book  (Read 828 times)


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Feedback on DHCP section of book
« on: December 29, 2015, 06:51:59 AM »
Hi - in the section on DHCP it would be good to see more technical information about going beyond the (very) basic options presented in the OS X UI. This is a common issue with the, it does not surface all the options that are possible with the underlying Unix/Linux applications/daemons (Mail is obviously by far the worst offender in this regard).

For example with the DHCP service Apple says nothing about all the extra DHCP options

which are (all?) available for the BOOTP daemon.

I'm not sure if the various DHCP options are available/advisable/necessary for the DHCP but this would make a good addition to your book.
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Reid Bundonis

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Re: Feedback on DHCP section of book
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2015, 05:24:37 PM »
Thank you for the feedback and welcome to the forums!  I've toyed with the idea a number of times but always keep that content out.  One of the reasons is the one feature I want to work, option code 81, is not respected by Apple's implementation of bootpd.  I have a number of corporate clients that tie DNS and DHCP together and then Macs are always causing chaos with workflows based on names.

Since I've already started on some of this content, I will dust it off and consider it for the next update.  Thanks again.