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Mavericks Server - Control and Collaboration is currently in the final stages of development.  Apple's approval process remains about 20 days so the expected release of the second book is late January 2014.  The topics in the second book are:

Users and Groups
File Sharing
Profile Manager (including Managed Application Distribution)
Web & Wiki (possibly)

If you have specific questions or topics of discussion on these services, please note them.  It is still time to adjust the book before hitting Apple's review process.

Mavericks Server - Foundation Services / Welcome!
« on: December 01, 2013, 07:44:51 AM »
Welcome to the Mavericks Server - Foundation Services feedback forum.  Please provide suggestions, corrections, and requests for clarification.  The goal is to include the reader in the evolution of the book.

Also, please provide feedback on your upgrade experiences.  There are so many variations of server deployments that defining a clear upgrade path is difficult if not impossible.

Mavericks Server - Foundation Services is available exclusively in the Apple iBooks Store.

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