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Title: Upgrade 5.17 to 5.2 and macOS
Post by: Pierre on December 14, 2016, 03:48:07 PM
Hi Reid,
I finally managed to register... would have guessed..
I would like your opinion. I have a mini 2011 Server with El capitan and 5.17 Server running.
I run also Filemaker Server 15 with Reverse proxy and Zulu Calendar (a filemaker iCal Implementation) on the thing. It does filesharing, OD, DNS, Profile manager.
Whenever I change something I takes me a lot of time and right now everything is working just fine.
Is it worth to upgrade the machine to macOS Sierra and Server 5.2?..
Normally Serverdeployments are more conservative I think.

I use RAID and this comes working out of the box again I hear (I used the terminal commands) .
Anyway.. I really like your books and have reread them many times and used for cosulting.
I run a Cosmetics company with 15 employes and 5+ accessing the server.
When do we  see "Sierra Server, whats new"  or similar?